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We Believe it is Possible!

90% of the Malawian population live without any access to affordable and reliable electricity and light. Kumudzi Kuwale seeks to change this by providing solar energy solutions to private customers, businesses, organizations and institutions across Malawi, ranging from small, hand-held solar torches to large systems for off-grid businesses and solar water pumping. Kumudzi Kuwale is a for-profit social enterprise, meaning that we do not do charity, and that we do seek to generate profit on our projects. However, our social profile means that we keep profit magins low, and  re-invest all profits into the  community. This keeps us sustainable as a business, lets us provide stable and long-term employment for our colleagues, and allows us to provide affordable solar solutions to all Malawians.   Just like the mobile & telecommunication industry has boomed in African countries the last decade, making sustainable energy available for every household, based on a solution where consumers pay after their means could and should be profitable. We aim to prove this, simply by running a successful business that supplies quality products at a price that is acceptable even to the most marginalized, rural population in Malawi.

Our Impact


People benefitting from light and electricity installed by

Kumudzi Kuwale.


Schools provided with light and electricity.


Solar Charging


in Operation in Rural Malawi.

315 Kw

Estimated solar

capacity installed since 2013.


Colleagues employed

in our two offices and

in the field.

Projects We Are Particularly Proud Of

Solar Installations at the CEM/UNDP/GoM Implemented 80KW Sitolo Village Mini Grid

The No One Should Be Left in The Dark Project - Providing light to 150,000 Rural Malawians by 2021

Drilling for solar and manual  water wells